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If you want to arrange a Simply Funeral direct cremation, need urgent advice or to ask us about any aspect of our service, simply get in touch on 0800 077 4222. Alternatively you can email us at
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    Please note, we will need this form (the Certificate for Cremation) in order for us to proceed with the cremation and will ask for it when we are ready to proceed with the arrangements unless it’s a Coroner's case.

    We will send all the legal and contractual documents for you to sign as the client unless you confirm that an alternative person will be responsible. If so, please give their details here:

    Don’t worry we are here to help you complete the documents. Just call us on 0800 077 4222 or get in touch via email at Then all you need to do is complete and return the requested documents by return.

    We will include a postage paid return envelope for your use.
    The service will be arranged once the documents have been received and full payment processed.

    By submitting your details on the Arrange Now Form you will be contacted by one of our funeral advisors.
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